This year, I wanted to buy a friend’s daughter athletic apparel for her Christmas gift. She’s a gymnast and this was something on her wishlist.  I searched the mall but apparently athletic girls apparel (in the size range 7-16) is hard to come by!  I had no trouble shopping for her brothers, but I guess the market for girls athletic apparel is much smaller.

I wanted to share where I was able to find success since it was a bit of a frustrating endeavor.

JC Penney

JC Penney was the most promising in store.  They had a wide selection but only from their house brand Xersion.  Besides that, they carried only 3 Nike apparel items.  I ended up choosing a hoodie, tank top and yoga pants from the Xersion line for my gift.  The hoodie was soft but I guess it remains to be seen how well the yoga pants hold up to wear.  Online, the Nike selection is much wider and there are a few more Xersion items as well.


I was terribly disappointed in the abysmal selection at my local Macy’s.  I’ve purchased (girls) Nike workout pants in store before, so I was expecting to see more than just 1-2 different Puma items.   The online selection is much improved, with a full selection of t-shirts, pants and jackets for Puma and Nike.  There are also Columbia and The North Face coats online.


In store I found a few Nike and Under Armour items but at full price they were a little out of my budget. has a lot bigger selection but most of it is full price.  They also have Zella Girl online, which I didn’t see in store but its possible I could have just missed it since I’ve seen it in the past.  They also have Patagonia and The North Face coats.

Fred Meyer

I found absolutely no girls athletic apparel at Fred Meyer!  They have a small selection of Russell Athletic and Under Armour for Boys. Perhaps they have some in the spring/summer season but there wasn’t any when I shopped in December.


I didn’t get a chance to check out standalone sporting goods stores like REI and Sports Authority.  I know that REI has technical wear all year round for babies, girls, boys and adults, however if I remember correctly, most of the kidswear is REI brand and is definitely functional vs. fashionable. 🙂

Perhaps it is due to seasonal priorities that athletic apparel isn’t well stocked at the mall this time of year, but it was a bit frustrating trying to find something cute that my friend’s daughter would love!

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