Something that every new mom has to go through is buying a nursing bra.  It’s one of those tasks that you can’t do prior to delivery since your breast size can change dramatically once your milk comes in.

I don’t have any fit photos to share, but I do have some thoughts on a few popular nursing bras that I tried on in store.  I went to my go-to place for buying bras, which is Nordstrom, since I wanted to get fitted.  Wearing the correct size is even more imperative since a too small nursing bra can cause painful clogged ducts which could lead to a mastitis infection.  You definitely want to avoid that at all costs!

I have heard some ladies that just pull their normal bra up to nurse, but I have no idea how that is even possible!  A nursing bra is an absolute essential for me, both for holding in a nursing pad and for being able to comfortable nurse in public.

Cake ‘Toffee’ Contour Nursing Bra
Cake ‘Toffee’ Nursing Bra ($64.00)

This is the bra I would recommend to all of my friends.  I love that it provides good coverage and lift.  I wear the wired version but there is also a non-wired version for ladies who are prone to blocked ducts.  The inside of the cups is also lined with a very pretty floral fabric.

The main downside I find with this bra is that because it provides such great coverage (using a lightly padded cup), it isn’t as easy to fold down as a thinner piece of fabric (like the Elle MacPherson bra below).  However, for me, coverage is of utmost importance so this was something I could live with.

Le Mystere ‘Sexy Mamma’
Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra ($66)

This one was a close second to the Cake Lingerie bra.  I liked the support but I felt that the cups were a little harder to fold down than the ones on the Cake bra.

Elle MacPherson ‘Momamia’ 
Elle MacPherson ‘Momamia’ ($58.00)

I didn’t find that this bra provided enough support or coverage under clothing.  It really was no better than the Lamaze sleep bra that I use at night.  I felt like I couldn’t wear this in public at all.  On the plus side, because it is so thin, the cups fold down super easily.

Elle MacPherson ‘Maternelle’
Elle MacPherson Maternelle Nursing Bra ($55)

I found that this bra was very similar to the Momamia and so the same problems of coverage and support were present.  Additionally I felt like this compressed my chest into a giant uniboob.

Le Mystere ‘Florence’
Le Mystere Florence Nursing Bra ($56)

The fit on this one wasn’t bad but the fabric just made it look super frumpy.  I vastly preferred the Cake bra to this one.  Some reviews have also indicated that the fabric stretches over time and doesn’t provide as much support once its been worn for a few times.

I hope this post has been helpful in trying to decide which nursing bra to try on or order!  The fitters at Nordstrom are also fabulous so I’d recommend going in store to get fitted for your new size as well.  

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