By now most of my Anniversary items have all arrived and I have had time to try them on and decide which ones are the keepers and which ones will go back.

I did my Anniversary shopping both in store and online, though mostly online since my daytime hours are rather busy trying to balance work and being a mom!

I wanted to show off a few of my sale highlights.

Pleione Mixed Media Tunic Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Pleione Mixed Media Tunic

I loved the Pleione Mixed Media tunic.  It is pretty generously sized but I love the relaxed look.  It comes in a ton of colors and in both regular and petite sizing.  I have it in this purple color as well as the pink and I think the pink is a little too bright.  I am going to exchange it for a grey which I think will be more my style.

Ted Baker London Belted Flare Cashmere Blend Coat
Ted Baker London Belted Flare Cashmere Blend Coat

I love this Ted Baker London coat, but it is rather pricey so I’m debating with myself on whether or not I need another wool coat when I already have 2.  Hmmm… This one is dressier than any my other coats.  I love that it isn’t too heavy and is super soft.  The coat runs a bit small.  I typically wear a size 0 but I found the 0 to be quite snug and I had a little bit of trouble doing up the buttons at the waist.

Chloe K Lace Inset Top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Chloe K Lace Inset Top

I tried this top in store and it ran super duper small, but once I sized up I thought it was very cute.  Be careful not to go too large though, as the lace cutouts on the side might be too revealing!

What did you get at the sale?  Did you find a ton of great stuff like me, or was it a bust?  

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