It seems like everywhere I look, there is a friends and family sale happening! Bloomingdales is having yet another one (even though they just had one in October!). I’m not complaining… its 20% off nearly everything with code BFAM.

Gap is having another F&F sale of 35% off everything (40% off if you’re a card holder) and it has been extended until Tuesday, November 12.  Use the code GAPFRIENDS and ask for it in store.  The signage instore says 30% off but the code should get you to 35%.  Also, don’t forget that for every $50 you spend, you’ll get $25 in GapCash redeemable in December.

Gap Warmest Bow Jacket (Orig: $58, Sale: $37.70)
Gap Warmest Bow Jacket (Orig: $58, Sale: $37.70)


Gap Warmest Ruffle Jacket (Not available online, try in store) - $65
Gap Warmest Ruffle Jacket (Not available online, try in store) (Orig: $65, Sale: $42.25)

I went into the store today and I picked up two adorable coats for my daughter.  We only need one but I couldn’t decide so I brought them home to see what my husband thought.  The blue one’s sleeves are oddly extremely long.  My daughter is tall so I suspect its just proportioned strangely.  The red one’s sleeves are perfect, though I like the overall length of the blue one more since daycare will be taking her outside to play twice a day, rain or shine.  The red coat’s hood also stays on her head, while the blue one slips off for some reason.  I am thinking we may keep the red one but that blue one is just so darn cute with those ruffles!

New Furniture!

I posted about looking for a new dining table for our eat in kitchen and we got that in last week.  I’m just waiting for the scotch guard to arrive so that we can spray our dining chairs and start using them!

Over the weekend, we also went to a local furniture store’s sale.  Kasala Furniture has some amazing pieces and we unexpectedly fell in love with a new dining table for our formal dining space while we were there browsing.  We slept on it and decided to go back the next day to purchase it.  Our formal dining area has been sitting empty since we moved into our home 5 years ago so this was rather exciting news for us.  We also purchased a sideboard but I’m kind of having second thoughts.  I am thinking about going back to the store and staring at it a little more.  It’s such a big purchase that I really want to be 100% sure that I love it since its not an easy return like bringing back something to the mall!

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