The 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection launched today and it was a huge hit!  The handbags and accessories sold out very quickly online and I heard that the bags were the first to get cleared out at stores as well.

This video shows how crazy it all got so I’m glad I did my shopping online.  I was refreshing the page over and over waiting for the bags to show up on the site and around 1AM PST, they finally all showed up!

I ordered several styles and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival next week.  Based on my experience last night, I have a few tips for shopping the next big Target designer collaboration.

  1. The collection will launch sometime after midnight online.  Don’t expect the items to instantly show up at midnight!
  2. Check Twitter for the official hashtag.  A few links to items were posted on Twitter before I could find them on the Target site by clicking through the category page (e.g. Handbags).
  3. Target imposed limits on how many items each person was allowed to purchase.  In this case, it was 5 items from the line and 3 of the same item.  So if you’re planning to purchase many items, you’ll need to split your orders up.
  4. Make sure your credit card information on file is correct to help speed up checkout since items can disappear from your cart at any time!

Did you score anything in store or online?  I’ll be sharing photos of what I got next week!

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