Bloomingdale’s has started their Friends and Family sale today!  Save 25% off most items and 15% off electrics.

Use promo code FRIENDS at checkout.

Loyalists (their loyalty program) receive free shipping on any size order.  It is free to sign up for the program.

My top pick for the sale?  The Miele line of vacuums!  I just received mine and I am in love!   I’m writing a full review and will post soon, but let’s just say at 15% off this is a great deal!  Many places do not discount their Miele line even a penny, so this is amazing.  I’ll be stocking up on a few replacement dust bags and filters.

Miele Titan Vacuum on sale at Bloomingdale's!
<a “”href=””” =617336″>Miele Titan Vacuum on sale at Bloomingdale’s!