First Birthday Mini Style

My little girl C is fast approaching her 1st birthday and I really wanted to buy her a special outfit to wear at the birthday party that I am planning.  I am thinking that the party will be pink and Paris themed so with that in mind, here are a few options I’m considering.

Pippa & Julie Striped Dress and Leggings

Pippa & Julie Striped Dress & Leggings ($32.00)

I really like the bold stripes on this but its not available in C’s size, though I bet I might be able to track it down via customer service.

Janie & Jack Hot Air Balloon Dress

Janie & Jack Hot Air Balloon Dress (Sale: $30.99)

Janie & Jack Hot Air Balloon Dress (Sale: $30.99)

I love the vintagey theme of this dress but alas its not available in C’s size!

Pippa & Julie Print Dress

Pippa & Julie Print Dress ($26.00)

I think this one is really cute but the accents are red rather than pink.  It is available in her size though!

Old Navy Floral-Print Sash Dress

Old Navy Floral-Print Sash Dress (Sale: $15.97)

This one looks a little more orange than pink on my screen, though it is called Pink on the description page.  Hmm…

Nannette Baby Girl Dress

Nannette Dress ($24.00)

Daisies weren’t the theme, but this one might work!

Did you get a special outfit for your little one’s first birthday?  Help me choose which one would work with our Paris theme!  Which one would you pick?


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